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Note Text Won't Show Up
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Note Text Won't Show Up

Hey Everyone

SO I made the mistake of thinking I was capable of modding this game for one of my finals...Little did I know that while I'm really great at making maps, I can't get them to work...

I've tried desperately for the last few days to try and get this note to show up in my game but the text simply does not. Could someone please help me out?

This is what I have in my .lang file at the moment

<CATEGORY Name= "CustomStoryDescription">
<Entry Name= "Description"> "An air of stern, deep, and irredeemable gloom hung over and pervaded all."</Entry>
<CATEGORY Name= “Messages”>
<Entry Name=“msgname”> This Door Is Locked</Entry>
<CATEGORY Name= "Journal">
<Entry Name="Note_firstnote_1_Text"> "It is with sincerest regrets that I pen this letter, knowing
that you will eventually discover it. If everything has gone according to plan,
then you will have no recollection of what has transpired. [br]There is little time and I have little strength left before
this potion overwhelms me, to relay the depths of the travesties that have
occurred in this home. It is for the best, I assure you. [br]Calm yourself – the pain in your lungs is surely still
intense, but it will pass in time…That bitter taste on your tongue is the
Damascus rose oil that I used to lace this memory cleanser. [br]I implore you – no, I beg you – find a way out of this
accursed place. Do not seek out the answers to what has been withheld from you.
Most importantly, do not be swayed by whatever atrocious facets of Roderick that
still linger here…He is not your friend anymore. [br]Move quickly, and keep your journal close… [br]If you believe it is safe, I have hidden the key behind her. [br]Your Former Self, [br]E."

<Entry Name="Note_firstnote_1_Name"> "A Hastily Written Note"</Entry>

Also, my story description doesn't show up on the main menu? Ughh..if someone could help, I would be extremely grateful.

- Kat
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05-01-2012 08:40 PM
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