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My Love -- v. 1.1 Custom Story
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RE: My Love -- v. 1.1 Custom Story

It was a chill experience! My first playthrough was with the I assume early versions of the maps, but I did a second run with commentaries on the later version. I enjoyed the commentaries, now I just have to get my hands on the bloopers...

Spoiler below!
First of all, with my second playthrough the game pretty much froze and crashed when I was nearing the crescendo. And because it doesn't help to put words in spoiler to avoid spoiling I will just say, map 8, when I collided with ScriptArea_1. Because of the way you seemed to have built the scripting I can't just load up the map and try it again and I'm not going through the hazzle of playing it from the beginning again, unless you want me to really test it.

You asked for feedback if I remember correctly:

Your mapping wasn't anything spectacular on my books. Could use some polishing for lighting and detailing (which could be hard to do if you want your mansion to look habitable and clean). I would disagree with the things you said in commentary about performance and outdoors.
20 lamp entities all lit in the hall was the only place with performance issues (the whole story was modest with particle affects and shadows).
I felt I could get a seizure from those flickering lights at the fireplaces, the idea is good and all, but it was like in a disco. Rather than try to mimic real fireplace light behaviour I would recommend a smaller more subtle affect. Like if you open up the bonfire entity in model editor and look at the lights in there you can see an example. This is stuff that I tell everyone, but just look at TDD maps and try to mimic them. They are using all the tools and props to their best.

The mansion layout was rather easy to navigate after the tour around. Having to use block boxes to prevent player from exploring at start felt little disappointing though. Since starting the story with multiple paths and only one right one is a risky thing, you could have tried using some gimmicks to guide the player.

Why did the graveyard give me the best spooks in a long time? It was just unnerving...

I may not be the best one to give feedback for the story, but I'll try.

Starting off felt a little quick to me. I was not following the dialogue like a hawk and the start was quite confusing. Got introduced to about 4 or 5 characters and their names right off the bat?
I liked wandering around the house listening to the narrative. It worked when I just chilled and tried to roleplay along.
Is it wrong to say the story felt cliché? I found myself feeling like I knew the twists beforehand.

All in all it was an enjoyable custom story, with an actual story and good voice acting. The mapping just broke the mood for me sometimes.

Now why do I feel like watching winnie the pooh with french dub?

01-31-2012 09:07 PM
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