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Can you suggest some good custom stories?
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RE: Can you suggest some good custom stories?

(03-25-2012 01:24 PM)darkadders Wrote:  
(03-25-2012 05:17 AM)flamez3 Wrote:  
(03-23-2012 11:07 AM)darkadders Wrote:  
(03-21-2012 12:43 PM)flamez3 Wrote:  
(03-21-2012 10:24 AM)darkadders Wrote:  i dont have anything against unserious stories.. i just hate the fact that people apreaciate them more than stories that has work put into them...
Your thread says differently
you know what flamez? im so fucking SICK of your god damned attitude, and the fact that you try to find anything to nail someone down is disgracefull. ive been tolerant of you for so long, but when you slap shit in my face like a fucking child AGAIN, then i can honestly just say a solid FUCK YOU.

MY POINT WAS: i HATE unserious stories, but one thing a person who gives advice has to do is be flexible; see points from different points of view. i hate unserious stories, but people cant play serious shit all the time, i realise that.. i just fucking hate the fact that there are nearly 100 of em out there, and there are several serious stories in progress which gets 1/20th of the attention the unserious people get. its pretty unfair; people who actually take TIME in making custom stories, caring about the story, the mapping, scripting, tension, gets less credit than these bronie pewdiepie stories; people frankly dont give a shit about them, tbh. this forum is mildly fucked over for that one reason; full of 13 year olds who cant be serious for once, and i honestly think there is no hope for anyone on the forums these days.

What attitude mate? You say one thing and then say something completely different. Then I call you up for it and you go Rage mode? Why don't you learn to control your rage and step back, see where I am coming from. THEN make a comment back. No need to get all worked up over something this little.

And what the fuck are you talking about me trying to find something to nail someone down on. Are you stupid? I haven't done that at all? What would you know about disgraceful if you don't even understand where I am coming from. While I completely agree with you in saying that the bronies and the pewdie fans like making a lot of maps and kinda ruining the showcase. That's no reason to hate unserious custom stories. At this point we should be welcoming any kind of maps. And while you say that pewdiepie maps and brony maps get more attention than serious custom stories... are you serious?

-White night

-Baldo's Discovery

-Killings In Altstadt

-Death Can Await

-The Interrogation - Chapter 1

-Lost The Lights

To name a few... they have more positive feedback and a better number of views then pewdiepie and brony stories (with some exceptions)

About the "you being tolerant" thing. You have NOT been tolerate of me at all. I have been tolerate of you. IN EVERY post I make about you (or regarding your points) you lash out and call me names. You are immature if you think that is holding back.

Grow up and understand where I am coming from before you lash out like a idiot and make a fool of yourself.
i make stories, we all do. i just hate the fact that people around these forums give more praise and such to these foolish maps, and i feel its abit unfair. is it right for someone who puts in effort in their maps to get less attention than someone who puts a box in the middle of an empty room with some fluff on the walls and calls it a good room?.

im not talking about the old stories, back when the forum had creative ideas. im talking about the current ongoing projects. kmans: subconcious trials. statyk's sciophobia. and other stories with actuall worthwile stories nowadays. all these forum members are so focused on unserious maps nowadays, and all im trying to do is change peoples' standards towards actually creating decent content.

bout our little fuss. mornings are hell for me and i usually go on the forums then. this doesnt justify anything though, but youre right.
I understand where you are coming from on this. Lately, these "silly" custom stories are seeming to be getting a fair amount of attention. But I believe that the good stories are also receiving a lot of attention. The most viewed and highest rated custom stories are for the most part all serious and are receiving lots of attention. In fact, these are the stories that I believe everyone knows (things like la caza, white night, the old well, etc.). But the reason I believe these "foolish" maps are gaining popularity because it is a nice break in all of the horror and tension. I have been playing amnesia and amnesia custom stories that really scare me, and I think it is nice to take a little break from all the horror and play a silly, fun map. We do give these maps some attention, but I believe we all do give the great and serious stories attention as well (and I say along with you that these maps do deserve a little bit more attention from us).

I will review all of your custom stories (when I find time!)!
03-25-2012 06:29 PM
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