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Full Version: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION crash, When Life No Longer Exists full conversion mod
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Hello there,

I have a problem with the full conversion mod 'When Life No Longer Exists', it crashes when I try to play it (.bat file). I have extracted all the folders into the main Amnesia folder (where Amnesia.exe is). Some of the folders were supposed to be merged, so I accepted it, and none of the files were overwritten. Justine's installed and working. I also have the latest graphics card drivers installed. I've tried to run it on the lowest settings, and it still won't work.

I use Windows 7 64-bit on PC.

Here you can find attached my hpl.log file from the directory: Documents > Amnesia > When Life No Longer Exists

I'll appreciate any help Smile
Quote:ERROR: Couldn't load language file 'wlnle_config/lang_wlnle/polish.lang'
ERROR: Couldn't load language file 'wlnle_config/base_polish.lang'

You should play it in English language Smile
That's the point. I DO launch it in English, no idea why it wants to load the other language file

Edit: I tried to remove polish.lang files, but to no success

Edit2: Oh well, this is hilarious. I copied my polish.lang and base_polish.lang to your respective wlnle_config folders and hey, it worked Big Grin