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Amnesia font - Mucrush - 09-13-2013

Hello there! This thing took me a while, 2 days, but I am done now! I've many times seen people ask if there existed one and so myself~ so I took my time to make an Amnesia font! From the official logo (only the word Amnesia).

I don't want the entirely credit, since I included the letters you FG made (only those from the official logo), which also means this one is free for everyone to use Big Grin

[Image: amnesia_font__amnesiarip__by_pokemon_dia...6m5g2e.png]

You can download it from my deviantART page:
OR if you prefer somewhere else to download, click here:

The font includes every English letter and these special symbols: ,.'!?()
I might update it someday with numbers and more~ :3

You're welcome to use it and I hope you like it!

RE: Amnesia font - Statyk - 09-14-2013

Awesome job :D

RE: Amnesia font - A.I. - 09-14-2013

This is fantastic! You did a fantastic job at the font!

RE: Amnesia font - Mucrush - 09-14-2013

Thanks a lot guys :3

RE: Amnesia font - Traggey - 09-15-2013

Absolutely fantastic, well done.

RE: Amnesia font - Daemian - 09-18-2013

[Image: adasdasdsadsada.jpg]

RE: Amnesia font - Mucrush - 09-30-2013

I am happy people can use this xD

RE: Amnesia font - Walter White - 10-04-2013

Used here :

This is the coolest font i've ever seen, great job and thanks for sharing!!! Big Grin

RE: Amnesia font - TheWalshinator - 10-05-2013

Coolio. I shall get it Smile

RE: Amnesia font - Darkfire - 10-24-2014

I used it here. I will put you in credits after the CS is finished

Amnesia: Chromanin