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[Updated]Invisible AMFP meshes? (And Other Questions)
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RE: Invisible AMFP meshes? (And Other Questions)

Well it's been about 5 months and I'm glad to say I've made a ton of progress on this CS. The events sequence is finished, story is written, now I'm just working on making the coding tighter, adding some bonuses, adding sound effects/music and planning to seek out voice actors. I have 2 questions currently that I'd like help with.

1) How would I go about making a version of the Angel statue without the base? I tried editing the dds it uses to make the base textures transparent, but it goes back to normal the moment I import it into the Material editor.

2) Is there any way to remove the friction caused by 2 objects rubbing against each other? I have a section where you have to click to make an object bounce (using prop force) but you have to time it right while a wall is pushing it along a path. Problem is the object rubbing up against the wall causes the height it jumps to be rather random. Sometimes it only jumps a little, other times it flies through the roof. I'm certain it's the objects rubbing together because if I remove the wall and just watch the object jump it maintains the same jump height.

Edit: I've sorta fixed number 2 but just using an invisible elevator to simulate jumping. It's still a little wonky, but seems like it'll work better if I can't find a solution for the previous issue.

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