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Penumbra: Black Plague Mental State bug
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Not Solved RE: Penumbra: Black Plague Mental State bug

Yeah, I'm not sure if my wife can dig it up, she bought it quite a while ago, but I'll see what I can do. I pretty much play everything on Wine Big Grin I've had very little problems getting games to work using PlayOnLinux Smile.

But back on topic, I did have more issues unfortunately. I downloaded a save that was just past where I got stuck, at the end of the sewers and it worked great. I was able to progress into the next area after it and everything seemed to be going great until the part where you give a guy behind a door a saw through a drawer. The door burst open and the game froze, repeating some sort of explosion/bang sound effect over and over very loudly and I had to Alt-F4. I tried again several times and the same thing kept happening. I could try to get another save to progress but I'm getting pretty discouraged to be honest, probably run into another issue down the road after that Sad
02-06-2019, 12:17 PM
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