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Hurt effects
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RE: Hurt effects

nackidno Wrote:
Scraper Wrote:Well, I don't think that it's good if it does that in every place, 'cause spiders aren't that big... But with the Dogs it would work in some places.

Yeah, you got a point there, it was mostly meant when the dogs bite you, but with the spiders, it would be cool if the screen at least gets blur from the "poison".

Yes, I said that before! Wink

Scraper Wrote:But what about when those spiders bites you, they could secrete some sort of poison into you, and it makes your sight to looking like this for sometime. Smile

Or with the Spiders, it would make the look uncoloured for sometime, or something like that.

And what I meant with Dogs is that when the run towards you and jump at you and then bites you; then would be great when that Hurt Effect comes! Smile

07-03-2007, 06:28 PM
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