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2015-05 Wednesday 15th, SOMA is now in beta
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RE: 2015-05 Wednesday 15th, SOMA is now in beta

I never stated I personaly had any problems with amnesia, I'm saying I've seen many others have them.

Even if you might not like it, OTHERS have had issues with it, so it is good to implement a way for as many people to enjoy it as possible, we are not talking about long introduction tutorials, we are not talking about EA rushing out games, we're talking about god damned heads up display icons.

This game is not amnesia, things are different and thus the designs in the game must change to accomodate for those changes. If they've decided they should put those in, then there is a good reason for it. What I am saying is that you should trust the developer with these choises seing as they actually know what they're doing, unlike you whom have never developed anything or even played SOMA.

They are just heads up display icons, nothing more, this little thing can make the gameplay alot more suitable for a larger audience and it barely changes anything, this is good for both players and the company itself, get of your high horse.

You could also look at it this way, what if the character is wearing some sort of helmet providing the heads up display in the world itself? That this helmet is programmed to help with this stuff? It would fit into the narrative and make sense. But you don't know if that's the case or not.

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