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Segmentation Fault in Penumbra (Overture + Black Plague)

Not Solved Segmentation Fault in Penumbra (Overture + Black Plague)
I bought the Penumbra collection on Steam, whenever i open the first door in a new game of Penumbra: Overture, the game crashes with a segfault. The same happens when i use the screw clamp (with the coin) at the beginning of Penumbra: Black Plague.

My system:
OS: Arch Linux (Kernel: 4.14.6-1-ARCH x86_64)
Graphics: AMD Radeon RX 470 (Mesa: 17.3.0, Driver: amdgpu)
CPU: Intel Core i5-6600

The hpl.log is attached.

Any help to get the games running is appreciated! (Nothing in the Troubleshooting Guides worked so far)

Attached Files
.log   hpl.log (Size: 16.11 KB / Downloads: 34)
12-20-2017, 07:44 PM
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