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Watch Cheshire play Amnesia?
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Watch Cheshire play Amnesia?

I just got a new computer last week, and its so beautiful. It has allowed me to finally do my own LP of the game. :'D

Here's the recording on livestream that I did for my watchers on deviantART and my friends.
Warning: There's a fair bit of swearing, and some more adult oriented conversation within involving things some people may not agree with. <3 I was chatting with those on my livestream chat who were watching me.

Considering how many times I've played the game already and how many LPs I've watched, I blasted through the game in about 5 hours. You can actually consider this a fairly good walkthrough of the game in terms of how to solve the puzzles and whatnot, even though I miss a couple of notes and flashbacks throughout. I do show off a couple of little tidbits people may now know about though. hehe.

Livestream recording;

Part 1

Part 2 (I did a quick drawing of Daniel at the beginning, lol)

If those links don't work for you, please let me know :3

I like to draw Amnesia fanart. :3

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