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Creating a Crank type item.
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Creating a Crank type item.

Hi there

another question regarding custom models.

I made a model, with parts.
one i want it to rotate and the other to stay still. Just like a crank works on the original amnesia.

here is how its set:

Still part:
body attached to joint as parent, and mass 0
Rotating part:
body attached to joint as children, and mass 2.

everything works good except with the part of when i turn the rotating part, the still part will rotate aswell.
i thought it was because the parts were intersecting, but after modeling them and make sure they're not going to connect, it does the same thing. any one can give me a hand here?

i believe its a simple thing but i just havent seen the problem yet.

thank you in advance


sorry, after looking into it further, i've noticed that i needed to attach the still body to a sub mesh. i hope that if anyone had the same problem that this post would help.
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04-05-2012, 06:29 AM
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