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Team Requests Idea: The worst form of madness is evil
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Idea: The worst form of madness is evil

Hello! I'm new here, and not exactly a master when it comes to using these forums etc. For some time I've been hatching this idea for a custom story which I believe would turn out great, but there's just the problem that I have neither the patience or time to learn how to make custom stories, not to speak of making it. I'm also sure it would turn out rather terrible if I made the map. Ok, below is a little introduction to the idea, below there again is the entire idea and story (which may seem a bit confusing, especially because my english may be confusing at times). Tell me what you think, and if someone's interested in helping or something, I would be really happeyh!

The player wakes up in a dark room with a locked door. He doesn't remember anything (just like good ol' Daniel). On the floor is blood from a wound in his back, marks after gruesome claws. What has happened to him? Who is he? On a table is a note from a man named lord Aron. The note tells that it was Aron who erased the player's memory, and that Aron is the players nemesis, his greatest enemy and nightmare. The player also gets to know that in order to get out, he has to locate Aron. Apparently the only way out of the castle is where Aron himself resides. Aron also tells that his former friends are not what they used to be, and their only desire is to kill the lord and the player. The player has to travel the castle to find lord Aron while evil monsters roam the castle, searching for him.

If you've read this far, you may think it doesn't sound that interesting and original, it pretty much seems like the start of the game Amnesia itself. Well, there's a little twist to it all.

Spoiler (sorry, don't know how to use that spoiler thingy): The entire game the player plays to find Aron and kill him. In the end the player gets to know Aron is in the next room, but when he enters, he's all alone. One last note explains HE is lord Aron, unaware of it all the time.

So here's the entire plot (confusion may be included):

Lord Aron is a lunatic, murderer, psychotic nobleman who feels no remorse or sorrow for his gruesome deeds. He found an object of great power, an object he never wanted anyone to see. That object could have granted him passage to a different world. Later on he realizes the only way to travel there is to find an otherworldly poison that he must drink before he kills himself. He finds the poison, but realizes he isn’t able to kill himself, and therefore he does not drink the poison. While he’s frustrated, he finds out his friends are suspecting something, and they know about the secret object.

He invites his friends to a dinner at the castle, secretly feeding them small amounts of the poison, at the same time hoping that killing them will make him able to kill himself because the pain of killing his friends is too big. He expects they’ll die from the poison, but all the poison does is making them into gruesome creatures. His friends get furious, knowing he did it to them, and their only desire is now to kill him. He escapes, getting badly injured. Still alive, he realizes he’s trapped in his own castle, unable to kill his enemies, unable to kill himself. He’s also lost the poison, which he can’t go back to find. He’s to afraid of dying, and finds it impossible to travel through the most dangerous parts of the castle.

Slowly he realizes he has to erase his own memory in order to be able to travel the castle without fearing too much for his own life, and in the end be able to kill himself because he hates himself so much. He finds the ingredients to the potion. He believes death will remove the amnesia potion’s effects, making him his former self once through
the portal. But before he erases his memory, he has to leave notes behind in the parts of the castle where he dares to travel, hoping they’ll manipulate his future self to do exactly as he wants do. His plan is to control his future self by making him think he wants to kill lord Aron: himself. Then he locks himself in the room, and erases his memory.

(Here’s where the game begins) When he wakes up, he doesn’t remember anything. The notes tell him what to do, and reveal things about himself and lord Aron’s past, splitting his future self into two totally different persons. Lord Aron’s notes and confusing flashbacks send him through the castle to retrieve the poison, and some time afterward forcing him to drink it. When he’s mutated, he’s no longer attacked by the monsters. Filled with fury and hate he goes into the orb chamber which was located in the same section of the castle as where he begun. Outside the chamber is a note saying that lord Aron is in there, but when he goes inside the chamber, he doesn’t find any other person there. One last note was left behind in the chamber by his former self, explaining everything but the part why he really wants to kill himself: to get through the portal. He now hates himself, realizing he’s the monster he hates, a terrible creature who doesn’t deserve to live. In the orb chamber there is a dagger, and he kills himself.

In the dark void lord Aron is speaking to himself, he really is his former self once again. He reveals the part about the other world and why he had to kill himself. The last thing he sees is a light before him: the other world.

Yeah, I know, this is a lot and more, a really time demanding project, I'd guess. This is just the idea, so changes and everything can and will be made. What do you think? Could this make a good cs? If you want more information or explanation, just ask.

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