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Need opinion
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RE: Need opinion

(04-25-2012, 05:07 AM)Cranky Old Man Wrote: The monster is the closest thing Amnesia has to "the thing out to get you". If you have him help the player, he'll lose his role...
For exactly this reason, put him in. 'Deterioration' had a moment where a Grunt is not trying to kill you, and it was an increadibly powerful moment. That thing that for so many hours, every single sighting of it is synonymous with fear, and something you must instantly turn and run from. To have that actually helping you, if done right, could be the perfect contrast.

With any luck, the player won't want to be helped by the thing thats always trying to kill him/her, be reluctant to trust it, to believe that it would not kill him/her etc. If you can use that to your advantage, thats an awesome effect to have on a player, an un-common experience for sure.
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