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Absolute Wuss
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RE: Absolute Wuss

(05-25-2012, 04:11 PM)Robosprog Wrote: To be honest, I'm sick of people just banging on about "last word" it's not that with the internet - with the internet it's the only format, the only, where arguing and debating can happen without consequence - thus why arguments rarely cease on forums. In real life, arguing too long will result in a physical confrontation, in the internet? It can't stop. There are no consequences, no limits of time. People hate to admit this as it shows the worst of us. You see people admitting some personal flaws and of the human race but this one is rarely brought up as it shows the futility and sheer humanity of us.
Yop. Let's just drop it. Stop. End. Bye. Hi. Bye again.

listen to boards of canada
05-25-2012, 07:23 PM
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RE: Absolute Wuss

(05-19-2012, 08:37 PM)Prelauncher Wrote: I have not read the entire thread but I'd like to say something.
Like people mentioned earlier; the studies on wether on not violent games are to be held guilty for children commiting horrible things are often highly debatable. But no matter what, violent games are never good for anybody, even though most of us who have played violent games don't turn out to become psychopaths doesn't mean that we have not been affected by the violence.
But the thing is, people aren't more violent now then they were before. Yes we see more violence in younger ages now than before but this violence has always been blamed on something: violent tv, violent music and now violent games. There is always something to blame, but I think we overlook who the real reason for the violent young people: The parents.
One of the main reasons this violence is bad parenting. They leave their children to the digital babysitter and then they blame something else for all their childrens wrongdoings instead of asking themselves, What did I do wrong as a parent?
You are aware that just two hundred years ago parents would go to a picnic, in the happy sun to watch a human being be executed, right? Most human beings lack the ability to stimulate themselves! When people go to watch an extremely violent movie they aren't watching for the deep and thought-provoking story (a few exceptions of course), they go there to see: "BOOM! BAM-BLARBLARBLAR!!SHREEK! EXPLODE" How many children do you think actually spend any fucking time after playing a violent game, TO THINK ABOUT THE MORAL IMPLICATIONS OF THE GAME THEY JUST PLAYED!? They simply like abuncha noise to keep dem quite, eh doc?
06-27-2012, 11:58 PM
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RE: Absolute Wuss

[Image: 7329b4cf_threadNecromancy.jpg]

Cut it, the hell, out
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06-28-2012, 06:51 AM
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RE: Absolute Wuss

Bullshit everyone, i'm a christian and i love this game.

And what does it matter what you are? Games are games, if you're offended gtfo --->

But if you love them, stay Smile

06-28-2012, 01:14 PM
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