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Amnesia: The Dark Descent - Dark Shadows
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RE: Amnesia: The Dark Descent - Dark Shadows

(08-08-2012, 05:06 PM)HumiliatioN Wrote: Okay I finished it. It was good. Interesting and nice little mystery ending.

My review:

Spoiler below!

Story: Make's sense and it's some point of understable, not unique, but really basic one and okay.

Scares: Few really unique, but too much unpredictale scares what ruins instantly atmosphere in my opinion. 5/10

Environment: This was something really good what I enjoyed. Lots of rooms to explore, but sadly way many empty ones and I see you just copied other rooms and only changes places between them. Mansionbase textures are so overdone and you must use other wallsets too and create something different too. 7/10

Particles / Billboards: Nope. This was really foggy gameplay I see almost everywhere that fog and it creates creepy atmosphere, but you little ruined to use it too much. There was no billboards sad, maybe when you create sequel add those and don't use fog too much. 4/10

Mapping: Really well maded. Few overlapping textures, but whole manor or mansion was nicely created and I enjoyed it a lot this time there are couple flaws too and pretty bored searching too much empty rooms. 8/10

Puzzles: Not cool key hunting over again you are not using creativity to make something different only too much keys to collect and opening doors and one secret book puzzle and you failed making that "secret wall thing" you can smash it just throwing chair at it, no need to collect hammer or chipper. 4/10

Overall: Nothing fancy to experience here, but it's basic story when you are bored or you wanna waste too much time to play this, i'm not judging or hating it just helping and giving tips when you make the sequel. Couple jumpscares what things many players to hate it right away.

I give you 6 out of 10. Mediocre, nicely done.
Thank you for using your time helping me, I will make an update with billboards and other little atmosphere things (like boxlights) Shy. (and i will remove the fog)
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