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Talking in CS
SniperMajor Offline
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Talking in CS


How can you make a sequence, where a person is talking to you and there are subs like in the main game?

12-01-2012, 01:08 PM
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Damascus Offline
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RE: Talking in CS

These are the scripts you will want to use. First script is used to play a voice with a subtitle, and second script will allow you to play another line after one is finished.

void AddEffectVoice(string& asVoiceFile, string& asEffectFile, string& asTextCat, string& asTextEntry,
bool abUsePosition, string& asPosEntity, float afMinDistance, float afMaxDistance);

This adds a voice and an effect to be played. It is okay to call this
many times in order to play many voices in a row. The
EffectVoiceOverCallback is not called until ALL voices have finished.

asVoiceFile - the voice to play
asEffectFile - the effect to play
asTextCat - the category in the .lang file
asTextEntry - the text entry in the .lang file
abUsePosition - plays using 3D from the entity, or without 3D
asPosEntity - the entity at which the effect appears
afMinDistance - minimum distance to see the effect
afMaxDistance - maximum distance to see the effect

void SetEffectVoiceOverCallback(string& asFunc);

Sets the function to be called when the EffectVoices are finished.
Callback snytax: void MyFunc()

12-01-2012, 04:20 PM
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