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Composition for the Great Speech of the Machine
finScript Offline

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Composition for the Great Speech of the Machine

I have composed a little piece called "Darkness". As an inspiration I used the speech of the machine which he gave in the streets towards the end of the game:

"Redeem yourselves! Redemption is at hand! Enter the cleansing and set your souls free! For you are born into filth and will die as pigs. Only through my redemption can you ascend to the skies and claim the heavens as your kingdom. Fall on your knees! Ashes, ashes, bones and ashes. For the pile will reach critical and we can have such a burning that this city will shine as a beacon of redemption for the world!"

Tell me what you think about the piece. It was composed, orchestrated and produced during one evening. I used Cubase 5 and Halion Sonic SE2 sample bank for producing the track.

Also, I am interested of any opportunity to compose for a custom story. If you are looking for composer, or if you know somebody who's looking for a composer, please contact me.

Darkness on SoundCloud

12-21-2015, 06:02 PM
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Vishanka Offline
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RE: Composition for the Great Speech of the Machine

I like the music, but I feel like the speech is too fast paced. You should have added some short breaks so that it would fit better with the music.
03-13-2016, 11:26 AM
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