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Well Done Frictional Games (Spoilers)
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Well Done Frictional Games (Spoilers)

I just beat the game 5 min ago and explored the 3 different endings. Leaving myself behind, using agrippa's head on the portal or knocking down the pillars and walking out of the castle alive in triumph.

Frictional I was hesitant to get this game because I really didn't like Penumbra at all but I have to say that this game was well worth my $20 on Steam.

The environment was incredible and the sound effects were as well. The gameplay was fine for me since I love exploration and puzzles. Not giving me any weapons added to the tension.

When I first played the game I tried so hard to stay alive because its so much more intense that way. Unfortunately, I died to the water monster in the old archives. After spinning the wheel to open up the gate and running through, the bastard impaled me from behind as I was trying to push open a door that was only pullable. Oh well, I failed. Tongue

I'm not a picky gamer about every little detail and I took your advice to just immerse into the story and keep going. Well worth it. Thanks.
09-11-2010, 12:03 AM
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sacroid Offline

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RE: Well Done Frictional Games (Spoilers)

I would actually pay 60€ for this game. It has that value for me, most scary game I have ever played, and also, they're going to release the editor, so I'm just going to plan to do additional maps, so completing the game doesn't mean it's over, still has custom stuff Wink

09-11-2010, 12:50 AM
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RE: Well Done Frictional Games (Spoilers)

Scared the pants off me multiple times, definitely worth the money.

I do wish that YOU could've gone through the portal, though. That would've been great, flipping Alexander the bird while you took advantage of all his work.
09-11-2010, 04:27 AM
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