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Xscreensaver locks/crashes Overture
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Solved: 2 Years, 3 Months, 3 Weeks ago Xscreensaver locks/crashes Overture

First let me say I'm loving this game, it's so nice to see quality gaming on the Linux platform. I also want to mention that I hate spiders, but that's not really relevant here.
I'm running on Ubuntu 10.4.LTS. I just purchased and installed the 3 game pack about a week ago, so I'm assuming I have the latest patches.
I use Xscreensaver instead of the default Gnome Screensaver that is installed with Ubuntu. It seems that XScreensaver does not know that a game is running and will try to launch when it's timer hits. When it does it will flash briefly (Bouncing Cows if that matters) then lock the game and the system solid.
Using CTRL-ALT-F1 I can get to a terminal login screen (with your sound effects still playing) then use "sudo shutdown -r now" to reboot the system.

The obvious workaround is to shutdown Xscreensaver before playing, or to set it's launch timer to 999, but sometimes I forget and get to play for 45 minutes before I see the cows and have to restart the system.

I can work around this issue on this end, but wanted to report just to help you improve your product.
Thanks again for the great game,
10-21-2010, 07:08 PM

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