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FPS occasionally drops to 40!
JamesC01 Offline
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Not Solved Bug  FPS occasionally drops to 40!

The game occasionally drops to 40fps for a bit, usuallly when something is happening, like audio starts playing. I had a similar problem with the dark decent, but that was just lag spikes, which got solved by turning down the graphics. This though, consistently drops to 40fps for a bit, then back to 60. I've tried turning down graphics, obviously. I also tried a solution someone else suggested, where you edit a property in all of the .snt files, changing stream="true" to stream="false" and a few settings in the config file, that didn't work either, it seemed like it helped for a bit, but then it dropped to 40fps again. Shouldn't this game be patched already?

Here are my specs:

OS: windows 10
Graphics: gtx 1050 ti
CPU: ryzen 3 1200

I'm pretty sure I shouldn't be getting lag. I've also attached my hpl.log if that helps! EDIT: seems like I can't attach the file for some reason.
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08-20-2018, 06:48 PM
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Not Solved RE: FPS occasionally drops to 40!

Same here. Anyone?
07-05-2019, 05:09 AM

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