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Just finished the game, my opinion
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Just finished the game, my opinion

Overall I really liked this game.

-Enjoyably nerve wracking, scary and jumpy
-Great storyline
-Fairly good graphics
-Difficult and challenging in a good way (some parts, especially the monster obstacles)
-Long enough to feel like a full game, short enough to keep my interest
-The chick playing Catherine sounded hot
-The monsters were so well designed. In particular, Jin Yoshida was cool and a nice final monster, him/it being the fastest and smartest
-A nice futuristic feel, contrasting with the old timey feel of Amnesia. What will come next I wonder?
-No bugs in my version, thankfully

-Having finished it, I can't reload from any point in the game I want to, which I would like to be able to do because I wanted to replay certain parts/monsters. I only have save files for the last 5 locations, which sux
-Some of the puzzles were unnecessarily difficult, and frustrating, which wasn't fun to me. Maybe someone would like it though
-I felt like I was going in circles trying to find stuff way too often. I realize that a game may feel too simplistic with linear and obvious continuity, but to me there were at least some annoying and unnecessary obstacles.

Now overall the pros outweighed the cons, so yeah. Highly recommended game for sure, and I can't wait until frictional's next project.
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