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Help: Avoid getting monsters gimped (Creative solution)
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Help: Avoid getting monsters gimped (Creative solution)

I have been thinking about a way to avoid getting a monster in my map gimped (blocked by entities). I've attached a picture of the area in the spoiler tag:

Spoiler below!

.jpg   Bel-Map_Example.JPG (Size: 116.91 KB / Downloads: 59)

I don't want him to get blocked by the tables.

Things I have thought about:
1. Can't teleport/move him.
2. Addpropimpulse does not work (making him "jump" over the tables).
3. SetEntityActive("table_nice02", false); does not work. The table does not disappear.
4. Unsure of this script: SetPropActiveAndFade("table_nice02", false, 0.1f); - but tried it. Does not work.

Possible solutions(?):
1. To somehow set the properties of the table to collide = false, while he passes. (What does "SetPropPhysics" do?)

Could work, but not optimal:
2. To set monster 1 unactive and set monster 2 (which is on the other side of the table) active.
3. Remove the tables and work with something else.

I'm guessing you guys could have some good ideas!

[Image: mZiYnxe.png]

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